Creativity is a part of being human.

There are many things i produced from this article, one of them is that creative people are always curious about everything and always asking questions like why this not that?. sometimes they are very annoying but to be creative, we should know different kind of things. knowledge must be our number one rule to be creative and to explore areas you have never before explored. Also, be courageous enough to exceed your limits or think out of the box and challenge yourself because breaking out assumptions often comes a new idea. Having Faith & belief that you can do anything are very significant points. Moreover, we should learn to accept new ideas and stop being judgmental thus we should have an optimistic attitude toward new ideas in general even if if its unfamiliar. Also, Problems aren’t always bad, sometimes problems gives you the space to think more widely and more unique than others and even learn more about something. creative thinkers love to challenge themselves through problems. what has changed now is that courageous and uniqueness are the keys that lead to creativity and asking whatever i want about anything that i don’t have a clue about it is normal even if its annoying.


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